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Davidisms - Love

Love. It may be the most important Christmas word we see all around us. God is love” (1 John 4:8). Love exists because God exists. Love is his very nature. His character. But so is God’s holiness (Isa. 6:3). God’s holiness is offended by our sin. It demands justice. The ultimate justice would be eternal separation from him. But God so loved the world, he sent love in flesh to reside with us. God sent his Son into the world and lived a perfect life. One that we as humans can’t live. Through Jesus’s death on the cross, our sins were poured onto God’s Son. Not us. So that whosoever believes in Jesus has already faced the judgment seat of God. And been declared, “Not guilty!” We who believe will never perish but live forever (John 3:16). Now, God’s love in Jesus dwells in the hearts of all those who believe. And the way we - as followers of Jesus - love one another will draw the world to Jesus himself (John 13:34-35). This Christmas, may we all love God the way he has loved us in Jesus. But, also, may we love one another. It is the one sure cure to the world’s ills.

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