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  • David Chadwick

Davidisms - Occupation or Vocation?

Is your work an occupation or vocation? For centuries, Christians saw their work as a vocation. A calling from God. In Latin, the word “vocation” means “voice.” His voice or call to where he wants you to work. And since the Lord called you to this work, it’s done to him as the ultimate overseer (Col. 3:23). Therefore, a Christian’s work is done with excellence. To honor our true boss. But then things changed. Around the time of the Industrial Revolution, because of assembly lines, work became drudgery. Thus the word “occupation” was used to describe a work day. It was something to occupy your time from the beginning of each day until the end of it. Merely waiting for the weekend to arrive. But for Christians, all work is a calling. You are where God wants you to be. Serving those around you in need. You are a missionary to his mission field between your feet. Wherever you may be right now. Martin Luther King said it well, “If you are a street sweeper, sweep streets for the glory of God.” Do you see your work as a vocation (a call from God)? Or an occupation (something just to occupy your time throughout the day and year)? Your answer will probably determine whether you enjoy your work or not!

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