• David Chadwick

Davidisms - Sanctified Serendipities

There was a man in Aesop’s Fables who would regularly travel to a land called Serendip. There, he would experience strange and unexpected encounters.

From this story comes the word “serendipity.” It means a “chance” occurrence. It’s often used to describe something that seemingly happens “out of the blue.” Unexpectedly. Surprisingly.

But in God’s economy - and throughout his reign over history - there has been no such thing as a “chance” occurrence.

God controls all (Psalm 24:1). Therefore, life is filled with sanctified serendipities.

What is sanctified serendipity? It means God orchestrates and oversees both the tiniest and largest circumstances in our lives. Especially those that come out of nowhere, and are seen as extraordinary and fortuitous.

In God’s perfect timing and way, he is fulfilling his plans for our life. Whether or not we recognize the works of his hand - he oversees them all.

Nothing surprises God. Never has, never will.

As you journey through life, trust God with everything. He alone is in control.

And continue to thank him for his surprising gifts: Sanctified serendipities.

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