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Davidisms: Walk Softly Around a Broken Heart

Walk softly around a broken heart.

Consider this lesson from the book of Job. During a time in Job’s life when he was immensely suffering, three of Job’s friends attempted to comfort him. At first, they were quiet. Listened. Wept with him (Job 2:11-13).

But shortly thereafter, their attitudes changed. They began pontificating on why Job was suffering. They suggested that his suffering was because of his sin. And they deeply hurt Job’s heart.

God didn’t like it either! At the end of Job’s trial, God chastised the three men and told them to go apologize to Job (Job 42:7-9)! They had wrongly caricatured God. They did not understand what was happening in the courts of heaven - in the invisible, eternal world where God dwells.

We are to “mourn with those who mourn” (Romans 12:15). Meaning, instead of offering easy answers, we should practice empathy. When we are willing to enter into the pain of a suffering friend, we follow the example of Jesus, who came to bear our pain and be with us as we suffer.

So remember, walk softly around a broken heart. Our physical presence with a hurting friend can be our best way to comfort and support.

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