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Davidisms: You May Have Hurt My Body, but You Did Not Touch My Soul

You may have hurt my body, but you did not touch my soul. This is counsel I give to people who have had their physical bodies abused or misused by someone.

Who you really are is your eternal soul (Matthew 10:28). It is your soul that lasts forever. Jesus said that we could gain the world and lose our souls and have nothing (Matthew 16:26).

Your most valuable possession you have is your eternal soul. It’s who you really are.

Our physical body ages. Wrinkles. Discolors. And inevitably dies. It is not who we are. Our eternal soul is our true identity. And if someone has abused our bodies - though very painful - they have not touched who we really are. Because they can’t.

Our soul is our eternal personhood. We are sons and daughters of the King of the universe. Royal blood pulsates through our veins. That is our eternal being. Our true identity.

One day that eternal soul will be enshrouded with an eternal body - in perfect union together - forever.

Keep that eternal reality in focus. In your mind. That is who you really are.

And no one, absolutely no one, can ever take that away from you.

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