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  • David Chadwick

Develop an Eternal Perspective

Jesus has all power and authority over everything in the world.  He sits at the right hand of God, in the position of absolute control over an eternal world that he created.  He is sovereign over history.  Nothing is outside his jurisdiction.

It’s amazing to realize the Bible also says Christians are seated next to Jesus in heaven - right beside his throne, ruling with him (Ephesians 2:6).  Think about that!  Right now, if you are a believer in Jesus, you reign over the entire universe with him.  Over everything that is happening in the world.  And over everything that is happening in your life.  Everything.

When we develop an eternal perspective, our problems become opportunities.  Our failures, fertile ground.  It means that we believe God is in control of everything - and we let that truth permeate all our thoughts and actions.  We view life through the lens of faith.

Our great God is using everything for our good and his glory - our need is to believe this in faith!  Trust the Lord today.  Make him the master passion of your life.  He knows and controls all.  Let him lead you.  Give him all your concerns and worries.

Set your mind on things above.  Develop an eternal perspective.  Go higher with your faith.

See yourself seated with Jesus right now ruling over the world.

As you do, your anxiety will fade away.

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