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Hidden Heroes: Baruch

by David Chadwick

Over the next two weeks, I want to take you on a fun journey to explore some of the hidden heroes in the Bible. Too often, we only discover the well-known characters of the Bible that make it into a sermon on Sunday morning, which is why I encourage people to dig into the Word of God on their own. The Bible is like the ocean. Vast and full of wonder! There is so much more to discover than most could ever imagine. So, let’s go on an adventure and learn about some of these lesser known, equally important people who God used throughout history.

A man named Baruch. Have you ever heard of him? His grandfather was a prized advisor to King Josiah. And while Baruch wasn’t a prized prince like his brother Seraiah, he certainly has a significant story.

You may know of a more well known character, Jeremiah, often referred to as the weeping prophet. He mostly spoke prophecies of doom and gloom over Israel. He experienced deep sadness and pain as he watched a nation disobey and rebel (read the book of Lamentations, penned by Jeremiah). But did you know who Jeremiah's scribe was? Baruch! The book of Jeremiah exists today because of Baruch’s faithful writing and stewardship of Jeremiah’s words.

The book of Jeremiah holds a special place in my life and ministry because my dad used to point to Jeremiah 45:5 as a verse that should guide all pastors (and people) to quest after. Let me share it with you, Jeremiah speaking to his faithful scribe, Baruch: “And do you seek great things for yourself? Seek them not, for behold, I am bringing disaster upon all flesh, declares the Lord. But I will give you your life as a prize of war in all places to which you may go.” What a rich caution and warning to keep the main thing the main thing! I’m so glad Baruch took the time to write this down. And simply do what God had called him to do: be a scribe! Not seeking anything greater. It’s why he is one of my hidden heroes.

Don’t seek great things for yourself. It will always result in disaster. But rather seek to be faithful to God and submit to his authority. Then God will protect you in all things. He will give you true life as you lay your life down. Sacrifice is always the prelude to abundant life! In fact, I have heard one teaching that you love the most that which you sacrifice for the most.

“Great things” in this world are or will soon be crumbling around us. Rather, seek first the great things of God’s kingdom (Matthew 6:33). Eternal things that will never crumble in God’s kingdom, the one that lasts forever and ever. A beautiful teaching that Baruch wrote down for us to learn today!

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