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Hidden Heroes: Rhoda, The Girl Who Would Not Relent

by David Chadwick

Hidden heroes. The BIble is full of them. Men and women who may not be front and center, but carried significant impact historically.

Today’s hero is named Rhoda. Did you even know there was a character in the Bible named Rhoda? Most do not! Let me tell you about her.

Her story is found in Acts 12. She was a servant girl who, we think, lived in the home of John Mark and his mother, Mary. Their home was a central point of activity in the early church in Jerusalem and probably where the Last Supper and Pentecost occurred. The upper room.

James, the brother of John, had already been martyred at this point in the story. Peter had been imprisoned and Christians gathered in Mary’s home to pray for Peter’s release. They prayed fervently for his protection and for God to set him free.

Miraculously, an angel delivered Peter from prison. He came into the cell and struck Peter on the side to wake him up. The chains fell off Peter’s hands and he followed the angel out of the prison. At first, Peter thought he was having a vision, but quickly realized this rescue mission was real (Acts 12:6-11)!

Peter went to the house where he knew Christians would be gathering and knocked on the door. Rhoda answered. She was so excited to hear his voice that she ran back to tell the group and forgot to let him in. They thought this little servant girl was out of her mind! As she kept insisting it was him, they told her it was probably Peter’s angel. Note their unbelief! But this little girl would not relent and Peter continued knocking.

Finally, they realized it really was Peter. They opened the door and welcomed him in!

May we all have the opportunity, just like Rhoda, to share a miracle from Jesus with others. It is one of the most exciting things imaginable.

Has God ever done a miracle in your life? If so, make sure you share it with others. Don’t ever hide your light under a bushel! Even if people think you are crazy, be like Rhoda and press on and share.

It’s one of the marks of a hero!

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