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How to Keep Revival: Daily Abide

by David Chadwick Lately, many have been discussing revival after the events that took place at Asbury University. Corporate revival experiences can be great, but I believe the heart of God longs to see his children maintaining revival day after day after day. I have found many of the ways to maintain revival come through daily decisions to obey and follow Jesus. How do we keep revival? Daily abide. Jesus says, “Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me” (John 15:4). The word abide means “to rest or to remain in a fixed position.” It implies always being connected to the power source, Jesus himself. If you want to keep revival fires burning, choose to make decisions throughout your day to abide in Christ. Remain connected to him. Stay close to the Holy Spirit. Jesus tells us that if we are his sheep, we will hear his voice (John 10:27). We will know him and follow him. Obeying what he tells us to do. Speaking words of encouragement to others when prompted to do so. Loving and serving those he tells us to love and serve. Imagine your heart being a plug and Jesus as an outlet. If the light in your lamp at home is not working, it may not be connected to the power source. Daily check the connection between you as the plug and Jesus as the outlet. Throughout your day, make sure you are always connected to him. This allows you to abide. Remaining in him. Every single second of every single day. Then watch as revival power and energy will flow in and through you each and every day to others. You will be ever ready to display to the world the reviving salvation that Jesus has placed in your heart.

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