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My Personal God - My God

The eternal God of the universe wants to be your close, personal friend. He longs to be your King. Your Glory. Your Chosen Portion. To become your personal God.

King David knew God personally. When David was suffering from prolonged, unprovoked attacks by his enemies, he called upon the Lord as “My God!” (Psalm 22:1).

You may recall these same words as some of Jesus’s final words uttered moments before His death on the cross (Matthew 27:46). Jesus knew His Father as Daddy. My God. My Friend.

And so should we.

Jesus came to earth to die for our sins. But also to serve as an example of how we, too, should rely on God. Turn to God. And trust in God during our lives on earth.

Why? Because your Daddy - who yearns to know you personally - is the Creator of the world. The universe. The stars. The sun. The skies. He knows and oversees every second of your life. His providential plan for your life cannot be thwarted (Job 42:2).

God created you in the womb. Every inch of your body was made and known by Him. Imagine the depth and breadth of His love for you - His child.

Pray to the Lord today: “Daddy, You made me. You know me intimately. You love me as if I were Your one and only love. You oversee every part of my life. You care for me so deeply. You are my God!"

God wants you to know Him as a Friend. Your Daddy. Your personal God.

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