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Ordinary Heroes: Heroes Give Us Hope

by Marilynn Chadwick Are there times in your life when you feel fresh out of strength and empty of courage? Perhaps you’ve been enduring a long trial. You’ve grown weary waiting for what you believe to be a God-given dream. It’s during those very times I’ve learned to draw inspiration from someone who has gone through similar difficulties—and prevailed. It’s amazing how someone else’s story can breathe life into my soul and revive my hope. If an ordinary person can persevere through a tough trial, then maybe I can too! During the many long years I suffered infertility, I didn’t especially want pity. I didn’t even want understanding. And quite honestly, I didn’t just want to feel better. What I truly wanted was—a baby! Quite simply, I longed to hear stories from women who had also struggled with infertility and finally got pregnant. Perhaps you’ve been there. You’re up against what seems like an impossible situation. Maybe you’re finding it doesn’t help simply to share your burden, gain sympathy, or even to be “understood.” You’re longing for victory—an end to your trial. You’re desperate to overcome and to see God prevail. In short, you want stronger faith to keep dreaming and believe that God is still at work. That He has not forgotten you. You want strength to hold on to your faith. To your hope. To your love. I’ve taken a look into my past, reflecting on my own spiritual journey. I’m reminded of the many stories of ordinary heroes which have given me hope. What are their secrets of strength and stories of joy that can help me learn to remain strong and filled with faith? Over the next two weeks, I’ll introduce you to some of the heroes who have inspired me. Ordinary people who have dared to live life in an extraordinary way. Ordinary people who held onto their God-given dreams. Who endured tough trials. In time, their tests become their testimony. Perhaps their stories will refresh your hopes and build your faith—just like they did mine.

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