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Proofs of the Resurrection: Women as Eyewitnesses to an Empty Tomb

We are looking at 10 proofs of the Resurrection of Jesus to help you stand against the lies of the enemy. Today’s proof is that women were eyewitnesses to an empty tomb! In those days, women were second class citizens. They were not even granted the opportunity to be eyewitnesses at a trial. They were seen as less than. Their perspectives were rarely validated and often overlooked. Why is this significant? Well, if you wanted to fabricate a story back then, you would never dream of using women as your first eyewitnesses. In fact, you would go out of your way to use the most societally credible people as your eyewitnesses. Yet all four of the gospel accounts about Jesus’ resurrection have women as the first eyewitnesses. Luke 24:10, for example, says, “Now it was Mary Magdalene and Joanna and Mary the mother of James and the other women with them who told these things to the apostles.” This reality is shocking to say the least. And should give significant reason to pause. Women at the forefront of the story. The first eyewitnesses. Boldly leading the way in declaring the truth of the Resurrection. If someone wanted to sway an entire group of people with a false narrative, this would not be the most convincing way to do it. But that’s the way God does things. He chooses the most unlikely evidence to prove his point. And it only makes his point more valid - especially to those of us reading it 2,000 years later. Hallelujah! Jesus is risen! He is alive!

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