• David Chadwick

Redefining Greatness

In a world where people constantly seek fame and incessantly drive themselves to be great, here’s yet another way to redefine greatness from God’s perspective. Think about these truths from the Great Commandment:

  1. Realize God first loved you.  It’s an undeserved love.  He first recruited you to be on his team.  He first prompted your heart to love him.  He initiated the love relationship with you.  Since he began it, he won’t end it.

  2. Realize he wants your entire love in return.  Loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and might is an appropriate response to the way he first loved you.  After all, he gave everything for you - including his life.  What more could he give?

  3. Realize you love God most when you love that which he loves the most: humans - especially your neighbors in need - the ones near to us and around the world.  When you do, something amazing happens: you feel his love increase in your heart.

Do you desire true greatness?  Then love God with all that is within you, and love your neighbor as you do yourself.

There is a reason it’s called the Great Commandment.

This commandment is indeed the source of all greatness from God’s perspective.

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